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Banana Nutella Crepes!

I love, love, love crepes! Especially DESSERT crepes! (naturally) 🙂

In this case, dessert for breakfast…ummm, yes please! Not to mention, this recipe is super easy!

In a blender…combine:
2 cups of Milk (I used organic whole milk)
1 cup all purpose (unbleached all purpose flour)
2 tablespoons sugar
1/4 teaspoon salt
and a splash of vanilla extract (probably no more than 1 teaspoon needed), I just didn’t want to dirty too many utensils 🙂
2 eggs

The flour can tend to clump up, so make sure you blend well, then let the batter rest a few minutes…I let it rest for about 5 minutes, while I was getting my non-stick pan nice and HOT!

With your hot pan ready, make sure to use non-stick spray, or butter to coat the pan in between the cooking of each crepe.

Take a full ladle, and pour the batter quickly into the pan. With the pan handle, circle the pan to make sure you get a nice full circle so that the batter can cook evenly.

Crepes cook quickly – about 2 minutes on each side. You may be tempted to let it cook longer as they tend to have the appearance of being un-cooked, but trust me on a couple minutes on each side is perfect.

The only tricky part about this is flipping them over, so I recommend using your pan and gravity to help you. Take your spatula and start lifting the edges to make sure it’s ready (you’ll see it start to turn golden and the spatula should slide under it fairly easy). Bring your spatula under the crepe near the middle, tilt your pan up so that the crepe starts to slide down, and do a quick flip!
If it folds over, it’s ok! just use your spatula to help flatten it out again.

Another couple of minutes, and it’s done!

I had a sheet of foil on a baking pan near by, so I could slide the crepe off and keep warm. When your slide your crepe off, fold it in half x 2.

Once you have a few crepes made, re-open them, and on the right side, add a thin layer of nutella followed my a few sliced bananas, then fold in half, and one more fold…a dash of powdered sugar, and OMG warm, sweet, and delicious!

These crepes are so good, you actually don’t even need anything with them if you don’t want.

p.s. sorry I don’t have “step” photos…I was doing a lot of multi-tasking sunday morning so, I didn’t get the chance to snap pics along the way

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