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The Mini Taco Bowl!

So, these have now become my super bowl go-to-recipe! A definite crowd pleaser!

They are SO good and addicting! lol

How to:

#1 – I make crock pot shredded chicken, which is super easy, and I’ve posted the recipe on the blog.

#2 – I take a plastic tumbler/cup, and with 4 burrito size flour tortillas, I punch out 3 tortilla circles each (= 12 rounds)
*the rest is a little wasteful, so you can make chips with the scraps if you’d like.

#3 – I take out a pan and slightly heat up the rounds just until they are more pliable.

#4 – In a cupcake pan, start lining the cups with the warmed tortilla rounds

Then the layers:

#1 – shredded chicken on the bottom

#2 – black beans (drained & rinsed)

#3 – diced/chopped roma tomatoes

#4 – chopped green onion

#5 – shredded cheese to top it off

Now, you can really do anything here…you can swap chicken for ground or shredded beef, pork, turkey, chilli, vegan, etc.

BAKE @ 425 Degrees – 10-12 minutes – keep an eye on them, you will see the tortilla edges start to brown. I usually pull them at 10 minutes.

I also immediately remove them from the pan & serve. They are easy to pop out with 2 forks I have found.

Lastly, I like to garnish with avocado & hot sauce, your call 🙂




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  • Reply Mary C.

    GREAT recipe!! Made these today and they were DELICIOUS!! So excited to make them again in the future. Very easy to make and SUPER yummy!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

    March 23, 2016 at 2:57 am
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