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The Breakfast Bliss Smoothie!

The great thing about smoothies is that they are great ANY time of the day. I do happen to love them in the morning, because I think it’s such a great way to start the day, but I also love them after a work out! Happy Smoothie Making…

The Liquid:
Almond Milk

The Greens:
A hand full of Lacinato Kale
A hand full of Baby Spinach
A few pinches of Parsley

The Fruit:
A cup of frozen mango
A couple squeezes of fresh lemon
A 1/2 of a Banana

The Protein:
Organic Whey

The Extras:
Fresh Ginger (I usually cut about 1″ piece)
Tsp. of Honey
2 Tbsp. PB2

& a handful of ice!

Another great thing about smoothies, is that no 2 smoothies are the same in my house. I mix it up depending on my mood. Here are other smoothie ingredients that I like to use…

Frozen Blueberries
Frozen Strawberries
Frozen Peaches
Almond Butter
Agave Nectar
Chia Seeds
Flaxseed Oil



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