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Pizza Night!

My Fiancé and I LOVE Pizza! and since I love fresh/real ingredients and cooking a meal at home, we picked up fresh made pizza dough, sauce, and cheese from the best Italian Deli/Market, Lucca Ravioli in San Francisco!

We bought the ingredients yesterday for our pizza date night tonight 🙂

Late this afternoon, we pulled the dough from the fridge, kept it in a metal bowl w/a dish towel covering it. We let the dough come to room temperature (2 hours). This way the dough relaxes and is easier to handle when we’re ready to make our pizza!

We put our pizza stone in the oven and pre-heated to 500 degrees! (Any higher than this, and we’re setting off our smoke detector lol)

We floured the counter top lined with parchment paper, our hands, and the dough. My Fiancé then turned into a pizzaiolo lol, and with his hands in the air, shaped our beautiful pizza!

With the oven nice and hot, I sprinkled flour directly onto the stone (so the pizza doesn’t stick) and then placed the dough directly on the stone, and baked for 5-7 minutes. This creates a perfectly crisp bottom and a rising dough.

Then, we pulled out the dough and topped with sauce, cheese, and I brushed olive oil on the crust (to create a beautifully golden crust)

Baked for another 5 minutes, until the cheese was melted, and the crust was golden! Let it cool off for a couple minutes, and we dug in!

A fun & delicious pizza night, and something to do together 🙂 That’s Amore!






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    this looks amazingggggg!!!!!

    August 5, 2015 at 11:38 pm
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